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Page cover image is the web site of an informal fellowship of volunteers, and most of us have been practicing nondirective mantra meditation now for over 40 years. Our purpose is to help increase inner peace, to educate about non-divisive beliefs, and to build fellowship based on the universal concerns of all humanity. To those ends we operate web sites that are used by over a million new people each year in 236 countries and jurisdictions.

Many of us grew up in the traditional western churches of our families and left those churches in search of other ways of gaining inner peace. In the decades that followed we studied eastern religions, listened to holy men and women, lived with saints, and spent considerable time alone in high, remote mountains.

We met in the 1970s when we came together to form a community of several thousand to explore inner peace. Some of us had careers and raised families while meditating two to four hours every day. Others went into reclusion and continue to meditate about 6 hours every day. We are friends and neighbors who have been sharing one another’s successes and mistakes for a lifetime. Our community continues to experiment, to learn and to thrive.

If you are living the approaches on this site, then you already belong to our fellowship.

Your Spiritual Home

People ask about joining our group. They are looking for their spiritual home.

Traditionally, religious and spiritual groups have been organized around shared beliefs. However our group is organized around experience – not around shared beliefs. None of our group shares the same beliefs or use the same expressions for spirituality.
But humans by nature are social. We yearn to belong to a group. So then, how do you find your spiritual home when you are approaching spirituality through experience and not beliefs?

In our view a truly spiritual group is one that is actively working to make the world a better place for all of humanity, not just for a select few. So find such a group, join them and make that group and its work your spiritual home. (And avoid groups that are organized around religious or spiritual beliefs.) 

If you cannot find such a group, then think about organizing such a group yourself. That’s what we had to do finally.

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