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How To IncreaseInner Peace – Love – FreedomFellowship – Goodness – Sacredness

We are living in the dawn of a new beginning. Traditional religious and spiritual ways are in decline and new ways are replacing them. This is happening because people want inner peace, not just promises of inner peace. People want to experience what is sacred directly, not through the words of middlemen. People want lives filled with love and fellowship, not lives filled with stress and separation. People want communities that truly have their back, not communities that let the powerful prey on them. This web site provides tools for this new beginning.

How To Approach
This New Beginning

This Astonishing Mystery Called Life

We are stardust that somehow came alive and no one knows how or why that happened – no one knows what created life. Yet here we are – alive on a tiny speck of dirt and water floating through endless space. For most people including us, this mystery called life is most sacred, and it fills us with awe and wonder. This site is about how to relax into this mystery and be present in it every moment.

This site is about being more aware of what’s obvious, not about finding something that’s hidden or lost. It’s about connecting with what’s sacred through your experiences, not through beliefs or faith. Our experience is that life itself is already so sacred that reverence is enough – that faith and beliefs need not even figure in unless you want them to. In short, this site is about how to replace words and thoughts about life with your direct experiences of life, and how to then evaluate and trust your experiences. It is about connecting directly with sacredness through increasing inner peace, love, fellowship, and goodness in your life.

“Altogether, the results of the neuroscience of religion thus far suggest strongly that a religious instinct does indeed exist … [but] … surely there exist ways to find spiritual fulfillment without surrender and enslavement.”

Edward O. Wilson;  The Meaning of Human Existence;
The Social Conquest of Earth


Another Approach

Long ago our ancestors created religions and spiritualities that promised inner peace, love, fellowship, goodness, and connection with what’s most sacred. Today most people still want those promises fulfilled but many now distrust traditional religions and spiritualities because those often divide society and separate people from one another.

The view on this web site is that traditional religions and spiritualities do provide ways to fulfill those promises, and some of those ways are described on this site along with new ways of fulfilling those promises developed by medicine and science in recent years. However our view is also that traditional religions and spiritualities are based on a flawed principle that undermines the fulfillment of those promises, that divides society, and that separates people from one another:

Traditional religions and a great many spiritual teachings today are based on the flawed principle that someone else knows better than you what’s best for you. They require you to accept that they alone know how to connect you with what’s sacred and provide you with inner peace, love, fellowship and goodness. By accepting that requirement you thereby give them your power and your authority, which disempowers you and empowers them. They can then tell you what’s best for you because you gave them the power and authority to do so.

This web site is based on a different principle, which is that you know better than anyone what actually works best for you; that you know better than anyone what increases or decreases your inner peace and brings you closer to what’s most sacred. With this approach you do not give your power to some other authority – you retain your power and you are the authority.

With this approach you continue to learn by watching how others do things but you then decide what works best in your life. With this approach you choose friends and advisors who agree to be good listeners and provide their perspectives, and to respect you by not pushing their agendas and beliefs on you.

In short, this web site is about learning to trust yourself and build your self-confidence. It’s about learning to connect with your intuition and trust what it’s telling you. It’s about learning to see and think for yourself.

Through your own eyes you learned what the moon looks like: how could you learn that through the eyes of someone else? In that same way learn for yourself what expands inner peace, love, fellowship, goodness and what is most sacred in your life.

Good luck.

“Thank you for your wonderful website and instructions. The absence of models to explain the unexplainable really resonates with me. I feel I have been looking for something like this for a long time!”Julie