Fairfield, Iowa USA is a farming community of 10,000 people where corn and soybeans are grown in some of the richest soil on Earth. On summer evenings bands play music in the town square (above) as children dance around and people sit in the grass relaxing (watch video below). Fairfield is in the center of America, a region called “the heartland” where good values remain tightly bound with the soil.

Since the 1970s thousands of meditators have moved to Fairfield. Initially many shared the same world view, but in recent decades many, including the staff of this web site, adopted different world views and practices. Today Fairfield is a diverse community of people exploring how to expand inner peace, freedom and sacredness in many different ways.

Fairfield continues to be a growing, vibrant community that Iowans proudly point to as our state’s entrepreneurial success story. Smithsonian magazine ranked Fairfield #7 on a list of America’s Best Small Towns. We invite you to settle here, raise your family or attend university.

Fairfield Sign