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How To Select Your Mantra

Summary of How To Meditate

                              You learn to meditate by meditating.

                              Sit comfortably.

                              Close your eyes.

                              Sit quietly for one minute.

                              Notice thoughts as they come.

                              Notice that thoughts come naturally.

                              In the same way as thoughts come naturally, silently inside start thinking your mantra.

                                   (see "How To Select Your Mantra" below)

                              Repeat your mantra silently inside during meditation.

                              As thoughts and images come, gently return to thinking your mantra.

                              If the mantra and thoughts disappear and you are just silently aware that's great,

                                   you are "in the zone".

                              After 15-30 minutes stop meditating.

                              Continue to sit (or lie down) with your eyes closed for 4-5 minutes.

                              You are finished meditating.  

                              When you meditate it is very important that you do nothing – that you make no effort

                              and do not try:

                                             Make no effort to meditate.

                                             Make no effort to resist thoughts.

                                             Make no effort against sounds around you, feelings, etc.

                                             Make no effort to do anything.

                                             Simply relax and do nothing.

                              Every day meditate for 15-30 minutes in the morning and 15-30 minutes in the evening.

                              If possible meditate before you eat.

                              It is okay if you fall asleep during meditation.

                              If you fall asleep during meditation, meditate for a few minutes when you wake up.

                              Avoid making decisions or taking on things of importance immediately after meditating.

                              To get the full benefits of meditation you should meditate twice every day.

                              The benefits of meditation may come slowly for you, so be patient.

                              After meditating regularly for six months, have the mantra come from your chest.

                              To help center the mantra in your chest, notice your breathing occasionally.


                              If meditation creates difficulties for you, stop practicing meditation.  

                              If meditation is disturbing or upsetting for you, stop practicing meditation.

                              Meditation does not solve medical or emotional problems; see a doctor for such problems.



                              You select your own mantra.

                              Your mantra can be any word or words that you like.

                              Your mantra is in your native language.

                              Examples of non-religious mantras:

                                             inner peace






                                             do nothing


                                             (or any short combination of these words)

                              Examples of religious mantras:

                                             Christian               Hail Mary Full Of Grace

                                                                          The Lord Is My Shepherd

                                                                          Our Father Who Art In Heaven

                                             Islamic                   Insha'Allah

                                             Jewish                   The Lord Is My Shepherd


                                             Hindu                    Om Sat Chit Ekam Brahma

                                                                           So Hum

                                             Buddhist                Om Mani Padme Hum


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Inner Peace Meditation

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