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If you want your heart to be more open, if you

want to feel more connected to others,

get together with friends and sing.

Below are some songs we like to sing to celebrate

being alive, and to express our gratitude,

our wonder and our joy.


Sing along to "Amazing Grace" by John Newton

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Sing along with Shree Maa to "Pratah Smarami"

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Sing along with Krishna Das to "Shri Guru Charanam”

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Sing along with George Harrison to "My Sweet Lord"

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Remember, do not let the words you sing to celebrate life divide

and separate you from those who are singing different words.

This is one of our favorite songs but we do not have rights to play it here. So purchase it online and play it as you sing along with the words.

Celebrate Life

Celebrate Life - Singers Celebrating Life and Expression Their Gratitude, Wonder, and Joy